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Our Supporters

We would like to extend our thanks to the RSA and to The Northbank for their support.

The RSA, 21st Century EnlightenmentThe Northbank: Trafalgar Sq, Strand, Aldwich.

This day is supported in large part by our kickstarter campaign, those listed below made considerable donations, without them and many others we simply wouldn’t be able to run this event!

  • Michael Smith
  • Amrou Al Kadhi
  • Jennie Lim
  • Louise Playford
  • Mayur Patel
  • Chimson
  • Sarah Lee Cunliffe
  • Allysse Riordan
  • Sarah
  • Emily
  • Joanna Sotres
  • Robin G
  • Michael Sorensen
  • Kevin Yoho
  • Peter Bohnert
  • Kevin Yoho
  • Nan
  • Zara Clarke
  • Leon
  • Jazmin Hafeez
  • Edd
  • Jasmine
  • Hannah Fiddy
  • Helen
  • Claire Briggs
  • Ayesha H
  • Simon Crosbie
  • Nichola Lewis
  • Dave
  • David
  • Liz
  • Audrey A
  • Joel
  • Dan Dmello
  • Pioraj
  • Jacintha Don Bosco
  • Caitlin Nisos
  • Rayappu