Your Toolkit for Taking Part

Wherever you are, join us in celebrating Talk to me Day! The day is all about getting people in your community talking – whether that’s through art, an event or another activity. Below is some inspiration to get you started but if you have your own ideas just let us know!


Why not organise an open picnic where you bring people together to talk and invite everyone else who’s out having a picnic that day to join you! Picnics are super easy to organise and open to all – put on a bit of food if you can and offer it freely. You can ask people to bring something to share, whether that’s food, music, a skill to share or a game to play. You can give out conversation cards or our question-bearing napkins. Make sure you have a contingency plan (perhaps to go to a cafe nearby) if it rains!

Lunch/dinner with strangers

Invite a mixed group of people to have lunch or dinner with you. They could each be neighbours, family, friends or colleagues from different circles and you could either cook for them or go for a meal out.

Ways to get the conversation started

BadgesIf you’re open to conversation and believe people should feel free to talk, hand our badges out at events, and to passers by if you’re on the street.
Conversation CardsUse our conversation cards to facilitate conversations, whether on the street or at an event. They range from the trivial to the much more meaningful. Download our template here.
Decoration and AtmosphereCreate a space where everyone is friendly and happy to talk – make sure your promotion is clear, and you introduce the event as people arrive.

Tips for Successful Events

  • Try to get a team of friends and family together to help you organise your event and spread the word
  • Let us know about your event so that we can add it to our website, offer support and connect you with any local organisations that might be able to help.
  • Remember to welcome people and look out for anyone that looks lonely, isolated or lacking in confidence.

Other ways of getting involved

You don’t have to organise an event to participate in the day – there are many other ways of getting involved in the Talk to me spirit.

  • Introduce Friends

    Friends talking at an event

  • Knowborhood

    Knowborhood was created by our friends at StorySocial in Washington DC. They’re signs that you can customise and stick up around your neighbourhood to help people get to know each other – one conversation at a time.

    Print off our designs or create some of your own. Then put them up in prime talking spots in your area e.g. a lift or bus stop

  • Wear Our Badge

    Photo of our lovely green badge with the text 'talk to me, i'll talk to you'

    We’ll be encouraging as many people as possible to wear the badge on the day! The badge shows you believe in a world where those who want to talk can do so, and where, within reason, we do not need to be afraid of each other. badge for printing your own

  • Talk to Someone New

    Picture of people meeting

    ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ may be hackneyed but it’s true! Having a conversation with someone you don’t know is the most simple thing you can do to show your support of the day. If you’re able to, please let us know how it goes on Twitter: @talktomelondon